How to Cook a Round Roast

There is a huge range of beef cuts to make a delicious roast, but it can be confusing to know the difference between them all! Depending on whether you want to braise, stew, roast, or broil your roast beef, there is a preferred cut of meat for each purpose. You can create a delightful Sunday dinner that your friends and family will love with a round roast. Here is our guide on how to cook a round roast.

What is a Round Roast?

A round roast concerns where exactly the beef has come from on the animal. There are four main types of round roast to enjoy; top round, bottom round, eye of round, and sirloin tip.

How to Cook a Round Roast

Each of these round roasts come from the hind legs of a cow, where muscles are worked the most, meaning that the beef is lean and tough. A round roast can make a tasty and impressive dish if cooked well. Each round cut of beef delivers a different texture and flavour, so choose your cut depending on how you would like your dish to taste.

Top Round Roast

A top round roast (also known as an inside round roast) is cut from the upper and inside thigh of a cow and is one of the most popular options for roasting. This is because the top round has a large amount of protein and also tastes great. Top round is an affordable cut of meat and the muscle is worked less than other parts of the round, which makes it a more tender cut of meat.

Bottom Round Roast

The bottom round roast is less tender than other cuts of beef and has a tighter grain, but it is popular for a slow-cooked pot roast. The bottom round roast comes from the outside of the back leg, where the muscles are worked hard, which means that the bottom round contains a large amount of protein, as well as a range of other nutrients. A bottom round roast makes a wonderful dish that is inexpensive and tasty.

Eye of Round Roast

An eye of round roast is a very lean cut of the hind legs and typically used for thin slicing of roast beef for use in a deli. An eye of round roast can also be cooked at home and enjoyed by the people you love. To create a good dish, an eye of round roast should be slow cooked to create a more tender and succulent piece of meat to serve.

Sirloin Tip Roast

A sirloin tip roast is cut from the hindquarters of the animal and is also leaner and tougher than other cuts of beef. A sirloin tip roast is usually cooked through braising or stewing so that the beef does not come out too tough. Pounding the meat before cooking also helps to tenderize the beef.

What is a Round Roast Good for?

Because round roast is cut from the hind legs of the animal where muscles are worked a great deal, the meat is very lean and tough. This means that it needs to be slow-cooked so that the beef is enjoyable and not too chewy. A round roast is popularly used for serving deli roast beef; cut into very thin slices.

How Do You Tenderize a Round Roast?

A round roast should be tenderized as much as possible so that it is served to your family as a delicious dish. The first thing you should do when preparing a round roast is to pound the meat out; you can do this with a mallet, rolling pin, saucepan, or any other kitchen utensils that can do a good job at pounding. Secondly, seasoning your meat with salt actually helps to make your meat more tender as it breaks down the proteins in the muscles. Season your beef with salt and pepper to not only tenderize the meat but make it taste great too! Finally, one of the most important steps to ensure your beef is tender through roasting is to slow cook it. Slow cooking breaks down connective tissue, tenderizing any type of tough meat.

How Do I Cook a Round Roast?

There are a variety of ways to cook a round roast. A popular option is to oven roast the beef by first seasoning it with salt and ground black pepper, as well as herbs such as thyme, oregano, and rosemary. Dry mustard also pairs perfectly with a round roast. Use a roasting pan, rub the seasoning over the beef along with some olive oil.

Cooking times vary, but for a perfect round roast, preheat your oven to 250C. Roast your beef for around 7 minutes per pound and then turn off your oven. Keep the oven door closed and the beef in the oven, turned off, for an hour. After an hour has passed, turn your oven to 100C and roast the beef for a further one hour.

Check your beef during this hour and cook to how you would like it served, whether this is rare, medium-rare, or well done.

There are many recipes available for amazing round roast beef so why not try cooking a round roast during the Winter season and impress the people you love!